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Good gifts for your boyfriend, brother, guy friend, or dad can be tricky to find. Usually for either one of those I’ll have to trick them into telling me what they want and even then it’s still kind of a mystery. You want to get that guy in your life something totally unforgettable, but you also don’t want to gift them something unusable either. Pajamas are always a good choice, but how many years in a row can you get away with that? He probably already has a set of good earphones, and adding another soft hoodie to his closet may be overkill. Here are some eclectic picks for every kind of guy:

Bacons of the World, $299 at Coolmaterial

This is the perfect gift for the guy who loves bacon, or wants to indulge his inner Ron Swanson. This bacon service will send you four shipments of 5 pounds of delicious, organic top shelf bacon throughout the year.

Rebels Refinery Essentials Kit, $58 at Jack Threads

My fiancee is clueless about soap. He just uses whatever I buy, so he ends up smelling like pomegranates, which is fine, but a guy has got to get his own signature soap. Once, he thought my exfoliating scrub was shampoo and asked me why I had dirt in a bottle. Anyway, this kit is the perfect solution for a guy who likes to get clean, but doesn’t really know his way around soap products. This kit includes skin facial cleanser, scrub, moisturizer, and a rehab roller.

Higher River Flannel in Maple, $45 at Frank & Oak

So, here’s the deal with Frank & Oak. You have to create an account. When you click the link above, it will take you to the shirt, but you’ll have to sign in. Totally worth it! Frank & Oak send you deals via e-mail all the time, and they have some really cool stuff. I pretty much swear by it when I’m in doubt. Clothes are hard as far as gifts go; I feel like you really need to understand your guy’s style. However, 98.9% of guys just like comfortable clothes. This flannel is super soft, goes with everything, and is perfect for winter weather. Check out Frank & Oak for other colors and styles.

iPhone Telephone Lens, $39.99 at Sharper Image

This is the perfect gift for someone who loves taking pictures with their phone. Which is practically everyone because, hello, convenience. And smart phone camera quality is just getting crazy good. If you want to kick it up a notch, this lens allows the camera photographer to focus in even closer on something. It’s not quite a DSLR, but it’s not bad either!

This Is Not A Pipe Mousepad, $28 at MoMA

This mousepad is perfect for an artist. You don’t want to impose conflicting tastes on them, but you want to gift them with something other than a Dali poster. Magritte is awesome and this mousepad is super classy.

Plaid Scarf, $29.95 at Gap

I personally love these fall colors, but Gap has a ton of scarf varieties to choose from. My fiancee just got this one for himself and I borrow it all the time; it’s super soft! Plus, Gap is always having some kind of sale, so watch out for those flyers (he got this one 50% off!).

SEGA Genesis Wireless Game Console, $68 at Urban Outfitters

This present MIGHT make your boyfriend worship you forever. Relive his childhood AND not have to deal with cartridges AND get all 80 games? Yes. This is like Xmas of ’92 on steroids.

Game of Thrones Shot Glasses, $65 at Coolmaterial

This is perfect with Game of Thrones coming back in a few months and all. Now you can take shots with these super cool shot glasses whenever King Joffrey does something incredibly evil and bratty, or when a major character gets his or her head chopped off.

Triple C Designs Blufuse Bluetooth Speaker, $68 at Jack Threads

Basically, you can put this speaker wherever and it will play music from your laptop or phone. Wirelessly!

Old No. 7 Cuff Links, $12.95 at Jack Daniels

Cufflinks aren’t exactly the most practical gift, but they are by far the classiest. And most bad-ass. These are the kind of cufflinks that Bonnie would get Clyde. Pro-tip: be sure to pair these with a button-up that has holes for cuff-links, because I had no idea you had to.

I Wear the Black Hat by Chuck Klosterman, various prices at Amazon

Unsure of what to get your bookish beau? Chuck Klosterman writes essays about sympathy for the devil (Rolling Stones fan, anyone?), which entail death, Batman, and the Oakland Raiders, for starters. This book is just awesome.

The Snacking Dead: A Cookbook Parody, $15 at Coolmaterial

Who said guys can’t cook? This cookbook has survival recipes for when the zombie apocalypse happens, and I mean, we all know that’s coming.

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