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Credit: https://www.instagram.com/bodyposipanda/

We never thought we’d say this, but can we just skip ahead to September so we can read Megan Jayne Crabbe’s book already? This is bound to be (no pun intended) the most empowering and enlightening book we’ve read in a while, and we can’t wait! In case you don’t know, Crabbe has been a longtime proponent of body positivity on Instagram under her account name @bodyposipanda, an inclusive blogger on bodyposipanda.com, and a general ray of light in an oft-dim world — literally, since she rocks bright, multicolored, unicorn hair. And now, she’s written a book!

According to a post on Crabbe’s Instagram, the book, titled Body Positive Power, is going to be packed with all of the things we love most about her awesome body-positivity messages. She wrote,

Last time HelloGiggles spoke with Crabbe, she told us about her journey to becoming a stomach-roll loving, body-positive (or “bopo” as she coolly calls it) role model.

Having a book of her own is a huge accomplishment for Crabbe, and we’re so happy for her! And with that, we all become lions stalking this book.

Crabbe also offered some more in-depth info on Instagram about what the book covers (again, no pun intended).

“A whole chapter of practical step-by-step tips for becoming more body positive,” she wrote on IG. “A whole chapter on eating disorders and how to heal your relationship with food. AND SO MUCH MORE with TONNES about me and my story throughout.”

And we’re all like…

If it’s anything like her Instagram posts, we KNOW it’ll be good.

Because we really need more of that, please. This glorious book — that is sure to change lives — will be out in September 2017. It’s now available for pre-order, though, so we can all start planning which park benches we’ll read it on.