You all are familiar with Texts from Last Night (TFLN) right? It’s a hilarious blog that posts submissions from the uninhibited masses. The texts are 99% NSFW and often deal with situations sexual and under the influence. They are 100% hilarious and/or disgusting. If nothing else, you will be turned off from drinking and having sex before you’re ready.

Regardless of the adult nature of the content of these text messages, I have become an avid reader of a phenomenon on Tumblr that marries TFLN and all of my favorite fandoms. I’m addicted.

Do you have a favorite TV show? A favorite movie? Maybe a favorite company – *cough* Disney *cough*?

Trust me, there is an enterprising fan of the same thing that you are a fan of who has the time and Photoshop skill to marry the hilarious TFLN with that thing.

My newest favorite is the Disney Princess TFLN. From what I have caught in scrolling through my dashboard, they aren’t horribly, terribly offensive, but they still make me laugh. Particularly this one:

Are you a fan of Sherlock? Check this out:

How about Doctor Who?

Maybe you’re a Whedonite, and Nathan Fillion is your idol. Don’t worry, both Castle and Firefly have iterations:

Maybe you’re more of an Avengers fan?

Oh wait, you love Game of Thrones. I forgot.

I love Tumblr. I love other geeks like me who see something they like – such as an hilarious text on TFLN – and marry it to something they love so much they can’t just call it love anymore. (That really just makes sense to Whedonites I think.)

The internet is a strange and glorious place. You can find almost anything to fit your whims and humor. Thanks to Tumblr and the crazy wonderful people I follow there, I have stumbled upon many a thing that I never knew existed. This particular pop culture combination was one I felt I simply had to show you HelloGiggles readers. Because you are fantastic and deserve some laughs.