Jessica Wakeman
June 21, 2016 12:03 pm

Through every stage of her pregnancy, Tess Holliday has used her public platform to shine a light on important topics. She’s spoken up about the rude comments she has received, as a plus-size model, about her size while carrying her little one. (Yup, you’d better believe people are that rude.) She’s gotten real about her “baby bump.”  And now she’s sharing about the bittersweet exhaustion that all new moms experience while also throwing her support behind breastfeeding.

Tess posted an Instagram pic yesterday about life with her newborn son, Bowie (squeal!), writing:

Plenty of celebs, like Alyssa Milano, have shared breastfeeding selfies — and we support them wholeheartedly, because visibility is really necessary. But we also love the subtle statement in  Tess’s simple Instagram, which isn’t so much taking a stand about why breast is best or advocating for moms nursing in public, but just saying Hey, this is part of my life.

We’re sure it makes Tess even more relatable for new moms to admit that the days are all a blur, but even with the occasional tears, she’s loving every second of it!