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Updated Apr 12, 2016 @ 6:32 pm
Tell Me Three Things

Julie Buxbaum’s debut novel, Tell Me Three Things, is the stuff of YA dreams. The novel follows the story of Jessie, a normal teenager just trying to survive high school and all the havoc that comes with it — and it’s easily one of the most authentic books about teenage-hood we’ve ever read.

Just two years after her mom passed away, Jessie has been forced to move from Chicago to Los Angeles to live with her father, his awful new wife, and her pretentious son. Adjusting to her new prep school hasn’t been an easy task, but just when she’s convinced things can’t get worse, Jessie receives an email from an anonymous classmate, calling themselves “Somebody Nobody.” Her secret admirer offers to help her navigate life at her new school, but can she trust them? We won’t spoil it, but we think the book was perfect to the last page.

You can buy a copy of Tell Me Three Things for yourself or a friend here; and while we won’t reveal Somebody Nobody’s identity, here are three things we can tell you about the book:

1. It’s full of delightful mysteries.

In Tell Me Three Things, there’s one secret admirer and three boys at Wood Valley High School who fit the bill. We couldn’t stop trying to figure out who Somebody Nobody was the entire time we were reading! (It’s worth the wait, we promise.)

2. It perfectly nails what it’s like to be a teenager.

Jessie’s voice is unbelievably authentic and guaranteed to steal your heart from start to finish. Whether or not you felt like an outsider as a teen, Julie Buxbaum’s book speaks to a multitude of high school experiences, and the root of the story is really all about what it’s like to be human.

3. It’s the type of YA that even adults will love.

We’re totally unashamed to admit we love ourselves some quality YA, and Tell Me Three Things deserves a spot with the best of them. It’s tender, heartfelt, and all kinds of wonderful. We’re completely in love!

Tell Me Three Things