Karen Fratti
July 25, 2017 12:50 pm

Today in the weirdest news you’ll likely hear, it turns out that the Teletubbies had babies with each other. Yup, you read that right. The iconic children’s puppet-things procreated. Not the actors, but the fictional Teletubbies. There are no baby Teletubbies, guys. TELEBABIES. According to BuzzFeed News, Lyen Krenz Yap, a 19-year-old teen from the Philippines, spotted the baby Teletubbies on Facebook. She said, “I was a big fan of the Teletubbies growing up,” Yap said. “And to find out they had KIDSS I…shookt.” Then she took a screenshot of the post she saw and passed it around on Twitter because she “wanted my friends to be just as shookt.”

People are definitely shook after learning about the Teletubbies’ babies.

Like, how did they make it happen? How long is an average Teletubby pregnancy? Was there a special Friends-like episode where they gave birth or did they just appear? We have SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Luckily, there are answers to these questions and more. As any avid Teletubby viewer would know (it’s okay if you still are), the baby Teletubbies have been around for sometime. Since 2015, to be exact. They’re all voiced by Theresa Gallagher and they’re called Tiddlytubbies.

Seriously, just saying Tiddlytubbies will brighten your day.

Check these guys out:

Here’s the lowdown on the Tiddlytubbies. There are only eight of them. The males are Daa-Daa (green), Baa (navy blue), RuRu (orange), and Duggle Dee (red male.) The females are named Umby Pumby (yellow), Ping (pink), MiMi (sky blue), and Nin (purple). According to the Teletubby fan wiki, the Tiddlytubbies just showed up one day. And no one knows where they came from! But the Teletubbies do love them a lot. When it’s time for the grown up Teletubbies to play with the babies, they blow a horn and yell, “Time for Tiddlytubbies, Tiddytubbies Playtime!” Then they go play games where the big Teletubbies do things and the babies copy them.

When this ritual is over, they hug it out and say goodbye to the babies. So who feeds these little tots? Who takes care of them? Apparently, they do just fine on their own. Actual Teletubby fans are still freaking out, though.

Do you feel old yet? Because we definitely do.