Bridey Heing
Updated Mar 12, 2015 @ 7:22 am

The fifth season of Teen Wolf is happening, you guys, and big-time changes are a-coming. When the series returns to MTV in June, you might notice one absentee character, among other shake-ups. Executive producer Jeff Davis just dropped a few truth bombs via Entertainment Weekly, and here’s what we learned:

First off, Tyler Hoechlin, aka Derek Hale, is no longer a series regular. SOB! According to EW, Hoechlin “came to [Davis] after working on an independent film and said he’d enjoyed the film experience because it ‘excited and scared him.’ And when Hoechlin said he’d like to try new things, Davis talked to the network.” Basically, Hoechlin might be pursuing some non-Teen Wolf projects in the near future.

So no more Derek? OK, maybe a little Derek. Davis promised that we “have not seen the last of Derek Hale.” He’ll probably be worked into a couple of plotlines, just don’t get too attached.

The next season seems to be focused heavily on relationships, which makes sense as it will take place during the main characters’ senior year of high school. Cue weeping. The friendship between Scott and Stiles will be center stage, and Davis pointed out that “the real romance on the show is a bromance.” Bro hugs for everyone!

But that’s not the only relationship that will get attention. Lydia’s love life is going to have a subplot, although Davis warns she might not end up with the person you’d expect. Way to build the mystery, Davis. Lydia and Stiles are also going to get some screen time, partnering up to solve mysteries in a “fun episode” involving “Eichen house.”

Meanwhile, Malia’s father, Henry Tate, is going to be be featured in the premiere for a little father-daughter time.

Other tasty tidbits from Davis: Kira’s sword is going to be getting into the action, and we “won’t have to wait long for that.” We’re also no closer to learning Stiles’ real name, as Davis revealed the writers don’t even know it yet. Womp Womp.

(Image via EW)