Heather Mason
March 28, 2017 1:01 pm

Do you remember how stressful it felt waiting week by week for a new episode of the true crime podcast Serial way back in October 2014? Well, you’re in luck because the makers of Serial are back with a new podcast that you can binge right now.

For all of us true crime-obsessed podcast fans, March 28th has been on our calendars ever since the teaser for S-Town, the new podcast from the makers of Serial, appeared online two weeks ago and left us with our mouths hanging open.

The teaser was short but left us hoping for a Serial “edge of your seat” experience. And judging by early reviews, S-Town does just that. So, what’s S-Town all about? This American Life producer Brian Reed received a mysterious email three years ago from a man named John — and the rest is history. Here’s a quick summary of the story from the S-Town website:

Mystery? Check. Murder? Check. Wealthy family? Check. Yup, we are SO IN. And luckily this time the crew at Serial and This American Life decided to release all of the episodes at once. Unfortunately, that also means that leads can’t pour in as the story unfolds like they did on Serial. But it does mean no waiting!

So run on over to wherever you listen to podcasts and start the adventure of S-Town. I, for one, can’t wait!