Candice Darden
August 11, 2016 2:19 pm
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Norma Romano from Orange is the New Black is perhaps best known in the show for her silent ways, being Red’s right-hand woman, and also for starting a cult following due to her calming techniques (some that she learned from “Guru” Mack before she was imprisoned) and her perceived supernatural abilities.


Also, let’s take a moment to appreciate how insanely expressive she is.

Praise Norma!” became a well-known phrase amongst the Norma cult following at Litchfield. Once we discovered that Annie Golden (the actress who portrays Norma) was a frontwoman and lead singer in the ’70s punk band The Shirts, we couldn’t help but wonder if “Praise Annie!” was also once chanted among ’70s rock enthusiasts.

Here’s the Annie Golden we know and love as sweet Norma:

And behold, young rocker and lead singer Annie in 1979:

Performing at Brooklyn College in 1979 in New York City.
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We’re totally digging the groovy top and leather pants.

We’re also feeling some major Joan Jett vibes.

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The ultimate #TBT.

Her band, The Shirts, rocked alongside some legendary bands like The Ramones and The Talking Heads. You can also watch Golden perform her song, “Hang Up The Phone,” from the Sixteen Candles soundtrack in 1984. Who knew she was so multi-talented!?

Here she is singing “Tell Me Your Plans” with The Shirts.

She’s also no stranger to the music OR the Hollywood scene, having appeared in several films and TV shows – including the Broadway-musical-turned-movie, Hair.


Perfectly playing flower child Jeannie Ryanare, of course.

Totally groovy.


And we’re glad to see that no matter how many years have passed, Annie Golden is still embracing her rocker side.

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Annie Golden = total badass.