These Taylor Swift parodies of “Shake it Off” and “Blank Space” are way too accurate

Can you believe that Chanukah starts on Tuesday? I have my potatoes and my candles, but I never really feel quite prepared for the eight days of festivities. Since so many of us are gearing up for latke-making and Dreidel competitions, we thought this upbeat “Shake it Off” parody by Six13 would be JUST the thing to get you psyched! And brushed up on your Chanukah history (of course). With lyrics like, “Cause we’re counting up to eight, eight, eight, eight, eight,” and “These latkes taste so great, great, great, great” this Taylor Swift rendition is bound to get lodged in your head, so prepare yourself to get hooked!

Also in the T-Swiftosphere is the mom version of “Blank Space,” which chronicles the struggles of moms and their desperate need for Starbucks (before they go down in flames). I mean, we already thought the lyrics were “Lonely Starbucks lovers,” not “long list of ex lovers,” so. . .this version was just BEGGING to be made, right? Right! *Takes sip of chestnut praline latte*

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