Alim Kheraj
August 08, 2016 1:42 am
Dilip Vishwanat/LP5/Getty

You might remember 2002 was, like, the best year for music ever. The reason for that is because it’s when Nelly and Kelly Rowland released the most iconic duet of modern times, “Dilemma.”

Everything about “Dilemma” was perfect, from the secret love in the music video to Kelly texting Nelly through Microsoft Excel, while the song was the perfect melding of early ’00s R&B and hip hop.

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In 2002, Taylor Swift would have been 12 going on 13. And we’re pretty sure that if she was anything like us, she too would have been completely obsessed with Kelly Rowland and Nelly’s secret love affair and those “oohs” in the song.

We know that Taylor is a fan of Nelly’s. The pair previously got together during Taylor’s wildly successful “1989 World Tour,” where they performed “Hot In Herre” with HAIM.

Now, it seems that Taylor and Nelly have got back together again, this time to perform “Dilemma” at a party in the Hamptons and OMG it’s everything.

Everything about this is perfect. Taylor’s outfit is on point, and her hair! We totally love her hair in curls again. Bringing us those 2009 looks again Tay.

You know how Jay Z and Beyoncé re-did “Bonnie & Clyde” in 2003? Well, we might need an updated version of “Dilemma” featuring Taylor Swift.

Shall we also get a closer look at Taylor’s hair (as it’s just so amazing)?

She just looks so amazing.

It seems that the Taylor and Nelly were attending Karlie Kloss’ birthday party. The model recently turned 24, with Taylor sharing a sweet pic of the pair on her Instagram.

Similarly, Taylor and Karlie shared the cutest picture, showing that just like all friends when they’re far away from each other, FaceTime is the best way to keep in touch. #FriendshipGoals or what?

Now we’re just going to need that officially Taylor and Nelly duet…Whenever you’re ready guys!