Last night, Taylor Swift wrapped up five sold out shows at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Basically, the five shows were giant parties for her (and everyone in the crowd) as she brought out a parade of her best friends — some of them sang, some of them danced, some of them were there to shake it off. But for her last show, she needed something amazing and EPIC, so she picked up the phone and asked Lisa Kudrow to come sing “Smelly Cat.” Live. On stage. In front of thousands of screaming fans.

This is not a joke, and it is certainly not a drill. Wednesday night, Swift paused her set to welcome a very special guest to the stage who had “only ever played in coffee houses,” Phoebe Buffay. Kudrow strolled out — wearing a long skirt, reminiscent of Phoebe — and then the two sang “Smelly Cat.”

“Smelly Cat,” the song that Phoebe used to sing in Central Perk all the time. The song that got a weird ’90s remix with Phoebe’s voice removed (even though she thinks she sounds great). The song with lyrics that just go, “smelly cat, smelly cat, it’s not youuurrr fAAAAAuuuult.” That’s what Emmy-winner, Kudrow, and Grammy-winner, Swift, sang LIVE!!

Thankfully, some Friends superfans were on hand to capture the moment.

After the show, Kudrow tweeted out love for Swift.

There’s a VERY high chance that Kudrow never thought she would ever reprise her role as Phoebe, on stage, at the Staples Center, live. But hey, Swift makes these sort of magical things happen. There is no way to top this. Ever.

(Image via NBC)