Alim Kheraj
August 30, 2016 2:06 am
Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

Yesterday (August 30) it was reported that Taylor Swift was performing her civic duty and partaking in jury duty.

Tay skipped this year’s VMAs, which took place on Sunday night (28 August) due to this important prior engagement, and it was reported that she was even signing autographs and of course posing for pictures with her fellow jurors.

While we might have tried to get out of jury duty, it seems that Taylor was all smiles as she attended the courthouse in Nashville.

Despite her willingness to take part, however, it seems that Taylor has now been excused from jury duty.

A spokesperson for the Davidson County district attorney general’s office, Ken Whitehouse, said that due to Swifty’s upcoming lawsuit that involves sexual assault she would be unable to be impartial.

“She asked to be left off out of concern for an upcoming trial in Denver where she was – she used the term – ‘groped’ by a fan at a meet-and-greet,” The Guardian reports Whitehouse as saying.

In 2015, radio host David Mueller launched sued Taylor Swift claiming that he lost his job after he was wrongfully accused of grabbing the singer’s bottom during a photoshoot backstage at a show in 2013.

Taylor filed a countersuit a month later, with her attorneys saying that the “Shake It Off” singer was “surprised, upset, offended, and alarmed” after Mueller allegedly groped her a meet-and-greet photoshoot.

According to The Guardian, Taylor explained her situation and said that she was willing to take part in in jury service for any other type of case.

At the time of writing, it’s currently unknown whether Taylor will be reassigned a different case. Regardless, we respect her decision to leave jury duty and think it’s commendable to stand up and say that you don’t think you’ll be able to be impartial.

Swift’s case against Mueller is ongoing.