When Taylor Swift gives you advice, you take it.

22-year-old Kelsea Ballerini is new to the country music scene, but she’s already soaking up any and all wisdom that country-turned-pop-star T-Swift has to offer. The singer told People that she and Tay Tay communicate via memes, sending each other funny Internet photos after a long day of being superstars. She stressed how amazed she has been with the community in Nashville, finding support from veterans like Carrie Underwood and Lady Antebellum’s Hilary Scott, in addition to Taylor.

Aren’t you dying to know what kind of advice Taylor Swift gives to her peers? I’ll give you a hint: it has everything to do with being true to yourself. Surprise surprise.

Taylor has, in a way, redefined cool.

Judging by Kelsea’s Instagram, where she goofs off in a Tinkerbell costume and shows off a bun pun sweatshirt that is, “dramatically influencing her life, in a good way,” she’s having no problem following Taylor’s advice on a regular basis.

No matter who you are, adapting Taylor’s wise words about being yourself rather than being “cool” could change your life. I mean, this could be you …

Seriously, though, fingers crossed!

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