Anna probably should have given up asking Elsa if she wants to build a snowman and just asked T-Swift and Calvin Harris instead. The super-cute couple have been really feeling the holiday spirit as of late, and recently, they just built the most kickass snowman that would even impress Olaf.

Taylor recently shared pics of their romps in the snow, including their awesome frosted creation, and TBH, it’s pretty darn impressive. “Really proud of ourselves over here,” she wrote in the caption of the pic, which featured Taylor, her brother, and Calvin with their new snowman buddy. (Oh, and can we PLEASE talk about how much we love that ‘Rude-olph’ hat?!)

Her bro also snapped a shot of the snowman when it was a work in progress, which Taylor posted to Instagram.

Yeah, looks like they’re off in a winter wonderland, because we’re not seeing any of that white stuff over here. Too bad this December has been so warm and snow-free, but we’ll be adding this pic to our snowman goals so we can use it as inspiration when it finally gets frosty out there. For now, we’ll just be swooning over the cuteness. Thanks, Taylor, for getting us in the Christmas spirit. <3

(Image via Instagram.)