Stephanie Hallett
Updated Nov 22, 2016 @ 1:57 pm
Picture of Taylor Swift Award Speech
Credit: Erika Goldring / Getty Images

If you’re a pet owner who’s had the chance to peruse Gwyneth Paltrow’s annual over-the-top Goop holiday gift guide, one item in particular may have stood out: an almost-$7,000 pet tribute necklace. The item is hand-crafted by jeweler Irene Neuwirth and features a jewel-encrusted portrait of your pet. And guess what? Taylor Swift already owns one.

The necklace in question includes a portrait of one of Tay’s beloved cats, Meredith Grey, and it was a 25th birthday gift from Swift #squad member Lena Dunham. The Goop gift guide describes the necklace as #CrazyCatLadyGoals, and given how much Taylor loves her cats, we’d say that’s a pretty accurate description.

Since each necklace is custom-made, you have to contact the designer to put in your order; the bling will run you $6,850, according to Goop — a small price to pay if you truly ~love~ your pet.

Taylor, of course, adores her animals (she has a second cat named Olivia Benson) and loves to share their antics on Instagram.

Here’s Meredith chilling at home in a ~unique~ position.

Love TayTay’s caption.

Here she is being inexplicably crabby.

“I don’t know what she wants,” says Taylor.

And here she is just being Meredith.

Best. Travel. Bag. Ever!

The good news is if you’ve always wanted to be like Taylor Swift, now you know how.