Lilian Min
Updated Jun 30, 2015 @ 7:16 am
Tatiana Maslany Son Lux

Tatiana Maslany is probably the best actress on TV right now. In the role that made her a sci-fi icon, she’s the lead of the twisty BBC show Orphan Black and has stolen viewers’ hearts as con artist Sarah Manning, suburban housewife Alison Hendrix, dreadlocked genius Cosima Niehaus, and assassin terror Helena (among other roles). It’s this malleability as an actress that makes her so successful playing different clones, and now, she takes her remarkable acting skills to a new medium: The music video.

Following in the footsteps of plenty of other screen stars who’ve made the music video crossover (like Natasha Lyonne and Alex Karpovsky for Tanlines, or Tom freakin’ Hanks for Carly Rae Jepsen), Maslany plays up her range in the video for electronic mood master Son Lux’s song “You Don’t Know Me.” Right off the bat, the fit between song and performer is impeccable — “You Don’t Know Me,” featuring the woman of a thousand faces and mannerisms.

Then, of course, there’s the video itself, which features Maslany as an expressionless housewife with a secret. Because while that character is reminiscent of, say, Orphan Black‘s Beth Childs, her cult leader alter-ego is nothing less than a dark-haired Helena, twitchy eyes and curls and all. It’s a fascinating dichotomy, and it’s all brought to life by Maslany’s incredible acting and Son Lux’s haunting, deliciously creepy song.

Bubblegum offerings? Symbolic face paint? Startling scissors? Animated summoning circles? This music video’s got it all, and we can’t stop watching Maslany in it or stop listening to the goosebump-inducing soundtrack behind it.

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