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It was a bummer when word got out that both Taran Killam and Jay Pharoah would be leaving Saturday Night Live — especially since both funnymen helped make the show incredibly strong during the last few years. While both of them pretty much stayed silent on the news (acknowledging it, but not going any further) Killam finally decided to be a bit more open about his untimely departure. And untimely it was — Killam and Pharoah both had a year left on their contracts.

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Even though news came out that they’d both be getting sitcoms, the news is still tough. Usually when people leave SNL, they have a nice little sendoff. Plus, it just seems a bit early to say goodbye to some of their characters. (Like, are we never going to hear Pharoah say “Attention teachers and students” again, as Principal Frye? Sigh.)

Luckily, Entertainment Tonight‘s Ashley Crossan got to sit down with Killam (along with Bobby Moynihan, who’s still in the cast) to discuss their upcoming film Brother Nature. TheSNL departure came up, and Killam was able to expand on his feelings a bit more.

Of course that makes sense. While Killam was ready to leave, he didn’t get much time to prepare.

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He also made note of his fanbase, and said that their outrage and support was extremely moving.

So sweet. We’re certain that Killam has quite the career ahead of him. And while the SNL news might have burned a little, we hope he’ll still be willing to host an episode in the future.