Rachel Paige
Updated Jul 28, 2015 @ 11:16 am

Along with giving movies in the vault live-action makeovers, Disney is also re-creating their movies in another way: Via emojis. Glorious, and adorable, emojis.

The cool folks over at Oh My Disney (a Disney blog, FYI) brought us Frozen a while back, and now they’re at it again with Tangled, told (yes) entirely in emojis. Have you ever wanted to see a tiny little emoji Rapunzel break out of her tower, and go see the floating lights? Well, now you can. And it’s adorable.

Taking the best moments from the film — like, Rapunzel’s first encounter with ruffian Flynn Rider, or the song in the “Snuggly Duckling” — Oh My Disney gives us the best of Tangled, condensed into roughly four minutes. And they’re not just using emojis to tell the story, either. They’ve enlisted the smartphone as a character, too. It’s hard not to chuckle anytime those three annoying little dots for “typing” pop up on the screen.

Also, they have an awesome idea for fonts: Along with bold and italic, can we also get the option to make things smolder? We super want that IRL.

Tangled emoji-fied is totally adorable. Things this cute should be outlawed, because they’re just TOO MUCH.

Tangled — so far — hasn’t received any sort of live-action re-do, but if Disney really wants to step away from that for a bit, I would most definitely watch 90 minutes of these emojis doing their thang.

What we DO have coming our Tangled way is an animated series coming to the Disney Channel in 2017. It will star Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi, who also both starred in the film.

So if you’re looking for a case of the emoji feels today and a little dose of Tangled anticipatory excitement, check out the Oh My Disney video below. No regrets.

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