We had a huge storm here in Portland recently. There was a massive (for us) dumping of snow, followed by freezing rain which meant that most roads and sidewalks became giants runways of ice. Portlanders were told to stay inside. I thought this was rather lovely and certainly if I didn’t have 3 kids going mental, I am sure I would have enjoyed it very much.

People like me are often called shut-ins. As I’ve said before, though, I prefer the term house cat. I’m not really a shut-in as I do leave when I need to. My homebody tendencies aren’t debilitating, though I did go through a bout of true agoraphobia in college which I was thankfully able to conquer. Please don’t think I’m making light of a serious illness. The thing about me is that I just prefer my own house to any other place. I like my space. I like my office and my bedroom and my family room. I do love to travel, don’t get me wrong. I also dig exploring my own fabulous Portland. Is this you? If you can answer yes to more than half of the questions below, I would say… yes! Welcome to the House Cat Club!

  • Can you honestly say you have never suffered from Cabin Fever?
  • When your friends decide to spontaneously go out to dinner and ask you to join them, does your answer depend on whether or not your sweatpants are on?
  • Would it practically take an act of God to get you out of your sweatpants once they are on?
  • Can you do most of your hobbies sitting down?
  • Do you believe that opening a window constitutes as getting “fresh air”?
  • Do you not trust people who say they don’t watch television?
  • Are you okay with staying in one comfortable position all day, getting up only to eat and take bathroom breaks?
  • Do you work out only because you know if you don’t, you are more likely to die at an earlier age?
  • Do your friends/family complain they never see you unless they come over to your house?
  • Does the notion of camping make you nauseous? (Trailers and RV’s decorated by you are an exception.)
  • Do you count going onto your balcony or backyard as going out?
  • Do you count laundry, paying bills, cooking, cleaning, etc as “having a busy day”?
  • It is just as easy for you to stay indoors on a gorgeous, sunny day as it is on a rainy, miserable day?
  • Did you buy a bigger TV so that you could have that cinematic experience without having to actually go to the movies?
  • Does it seem like even when you do go out, you are the first to leave?
  • Do you feel like a bad ass if you get home after midnight?
  • Are you more likely to spend money on sheets and bedding than clothes?
  • When you think shopping, do you mostly think of getting stuff for your house?
  • Does the idea of someone sleeping on your couch make you a little anxious? (Couches are for sitting, not sleeping.)
  • On that note, does the idea of sleeping somewhere other than your bed (when not specifically traveling) also fill you with certain amount of panic?
  • Sometimes, when reading/sewing/binge watching a TV show/gardening/internet shopping, do hours get lost in a black hole so that an entire day or night seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye?
  • Are you rarely if ever bored at home?
  • Are you baffled by people who can’t seem to sit still or constantly feel the need to go outside to “do something”?
  • Do you decorate your home for holidays other than Christmas and Halloween – like Easter, Valentine’s Day or July 4th?
  • Do you look unusually young for your age because you have spared your face exposure to the elements-namely the sun?

Well, are you a house cat? If so, I salute you comrade!

Featured image via ShutterStock