With summer in full swing, what better item to shop for than tees? I’ve got approximately 1 kazillion tee shirts and most are pop-culture related so I fancy myself a bit of a graphic tee expert. Here are a bunch of movie tees you should wear for the rest of summer.

Obviously,Wet Hot American Summer tees are the ultimate summer shopping item. Wet Hot American Summer is one of my favorite movies and especially considering it’s set at a summer camp it is perfect for this time of year.!

I obviously went for the Day School Radio Ringer which you can get for $25.75 here.

Marguerite Moreau aka Katie from WHAS even sported the 28 Rainy Days tee on Instagram recently!

Another perfect summertime movie is Camp Takota starring YouTube stars Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart and Hannah Hart.

Also set at a summer camp, this merch is tuned to my desires for the summertime which are mainly ringer tees and baseball tees paired with cutoffs. Here’s the Camp Takota baseball tee Grace sports in the movie which you can get here for $28.99.

So who’s planning a trip to Walley World this year? Unfortunately, it of course doesn’t exist, but with this shirt and a DVD of National Lampoon’s Vacation, you can sort of feel like it does. It’s $19.99 and you can get it here.

I love Wes Anderson but I especially loved Moonrise Kingdom which is a great summertime movie. If you can’t get their actual outfits from the movie why not just wear them on this shirt from Society 6 for $22?

Also from Society 6 is this amazing Jaws shirt for $22 Just stay away from the beach for a bit if you’re going to watch Jaws this summer. 🙂

Happy shopping and happy last month of summer!