In your never ending quest to completely immerse yourself in everything Gilmore Girls, here’s the newest thing you need to add to your list: Gilmore Girls soap.

Yes, soap. It’s about time you had some Gilmore Girls soap to liven up your bathroom, and some inspired by Lorelai, Rory, Luke, and Jess, is EXACTLY what you never knew you needed in life.

Backyard Couture — which, FUN FACT, is located in the same town Stars Hollow is based on, Washington Depot, Connecticut — hast just launched their newest line of Gilmore Girls soap. They’re so pretty just LOOKING at them, and now imagine how good they probably smell. Lorelai is lavender oatmeal, Rory is lemongrass green tea, Emily is rose peppermint, Luke is lemon poppy, and Sookie is cinnamon clove. Want them all.

Credit: Backyard Couture

The soaps are priced at $9.99 a piece, and you can buy Lorelai + Rory together for $18. Even better, FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS. BEST YET the soaps are all natural, too. Lorelai would approve of all of this.

If you’re still looking for MORE Gilmore Girls inspired things, Backyard Couture also has “Friday Night Dinner Napkins.” Because of course. Because after you’ve washed your hands with Gilmore Girls soap, you’re going to want to dry your hands off with something Gilmore Girls, and seriously, just take our credit card number and ship us everything.