Rachel Paige
March 25, 2015 11:29 am

The Spurbury State Troopers need our help. They are ready for more hijinx, and maybe light crime solving, but they can only do it if we pitch in. The guys behind the cult classic, Super Troopers, want to make Super Troopers 2, and it’s is a fantastic idea. They’ve turned to Indiegogo to make this dream a reality, and it’s looking pretty real as of today.

Since they first announced their fundraising campaign yesterday, they’ve raised—get this—over $1.8 million dollars thanks to contributions from almost 17,000 fans.

The OG Super Troopers, which debuted in 2001, followed five upstate Vermont State Troopers who loved to mess with residents during traffic stops more so than they loved dealing with actual crime. Everything was going great for them, and they were doing very little work, until they wound up in the middle of a murder investigation and a drug smuggling ring. All in a day’s work for these guys.

You might be thinking, “Why make a sequel 14 years later?” Well, WHY NOT? The comedy group Broken Lizard, aka the geniuses behind Super Troopers, have a script ready and permission from 20th Century Fox to start shooting. Only thing is, though, they need some money to actually make it. Also, they’ve locked Farva in the trunk of a car for the time being, and they’re only going to get him out if they raise the money, so this is actually kind of important.

Broken Lizard’s looking to raise $2 million dollars, and considering they’ve made almost that amount in 24 hours, we’re pretty sure this thing is going to happen. If you’re in the market for helping raise the extra dough, consider some of their awesome contributor perks: for $55 you get you very own Super Troopers mustache and T-shirt, and for $500 they’ll all follow you on Twitter, and “RT your @midnight ideas, no matter how unfunny they are.” Broken Lizard knows how to wins us over. Bigger spenders can name a character in the film, or get a private stand-up show from the cast. And for $25k the comedy team will even show up at your wedding. NBD.

You can check out the video they made announcing the campaign here (be warned — a few NSFW words) and if you’re itching to donate right meow, their Indigogo is here. This is so happening.

Images via here and here.