Super Nintendo World
Credit: Universal

You’ve probably had dreams of racing against Yoshi and Wario on Rainbow Road to win a medal in Mario Kart, and now your dream is about to become a reality. Universal Studios Japan will soon add Super Nintendo World — a theme park based on your favorite Nintendo games.

Credit: Universal Studios

In a recent press event, executives from Universal and Nintendo announced new details about the upcoming theme park based on Nintendo characters. Let’s jump on in and check it out!

Credit: Universal Studios

Wow! Looks just like the games, with a plaza where families can meet their favorite characters — like Mario, obviously. There’s also Bowser’s Castle, which we’d steer clear of if we were you.

Credit: Universal Studios

The main attraction at the park? A ride based on Mario Kart! Translation: You’ll have the opportunity to race against all of your favorite Nintendo characters. What’s more, some patent papers were released showing a “cart” with two people in it where one steers and one hinders other drivers — just like in the game.

At the event, a trailer was released that gives an idea of a few more things you can expect from the park:

Pretty cool, huh?! Time to start saving up those gold coins because Super Nintendo World is scheduled to open in 2020.