February 02, 2015 5:59 am

We took the good with the sad last night and I’m not talking about the Seahawks vs. Patriots. Watching Super Bowl commercials has become a major event for everyone tuned in on game day. Between hashtags and shares on social media each of these spots had their moment in the social media sun. Some tugged at our heart strings, pinged our funny bones, and others we flat out jarring.
If you were watching the game, or missed the ones that came and went in a flash (helloooo Heroes) because you were still dancing to Katy Perry’s amazing halftime performance, here are the best Super Bowl commercials of 2015!
We started the game by being trolled HARD by Chevy. Watch the commercial that sent every sports fan into a panic:

Snickers came back hard this year with their,Brady Bunch’ Super Bowl commercial starring Steve Buscemi and Danny Trejo as a hangry Marcia and Jan Brady:

Bryan Cranston returned as Walter White for Esurance! The ‘Breaking Bad’ star turned Heisenberg into a sorta pharmacist in their ‘Sorta Pharmacy’ commercial:

Loctite North America brought the ‘Positive Feelings’ with their fanny pack dancing glue crew:

mophie had one of the more talked about ads, in a positive way. Their “All-Powerless” spot shows us how serious a dead phone can be:

Dove’s #RealStrength ad won all of the hearts with just one word, ‘Dad’

Sarah Silverman and Chelsea Handler flossed their extreme wealth and humor for TMobile:

And now for the one Super Bowl commercial that left people more traumatized than Budweiser’s Lost Puppy ad, Nationwide’s very dark ‘Make Safe Happen’ spot:

Even with the darkness Microsoft’s Super Bowl commercial brought us back to positive. Watch profiles of Braylon O’Neill and ‘Estella’s Brilliant Bus’ for an uplifting show how determination and ingenuity can change lives:

Honorable mentions: GrubHub’s flyingBecause Burrito! Lindsay Lohan’s Sorta Mom for Esurance., Coca-Cola’s anti-cyber bulling #MakeItHappy, Jeff Bridges for Squarespace