Stranger Things
Credit: Netflix

Ever since Stranger Things became an overnight hit, we’ve been clamoring for more information about the mysterious town and residents of Hawkins, Indiana. And while the cast of the show seems to be everywhere (especially those cutie pie kids), we still don’t know pretty much anything about season two’s actual story.

Well, this new cast photo isn’t going to change anything — but there’s still plenty to talk about here:

First off, can we just have a round of applause for the Netflix/Stranger Things promo team? These are the folks who pulled off this utterly cryptic and somehow still wonderful teaser for season two back in August. In the months since then, Netflix has stayed mum on what’s going to happen, storywise. But as we can see in this new photo, clearly, the Upside Down is still very much a part of the picture. And, almost all of our favorite characters are still in play. (Yay for Eleven; alas, to Barb.)

The effect is tongue-in-cheek creepy, which is what made the actual horror in the show that effective the first time around. Yes, we can have our cute social media missives and our Millie Bobbie Brown music video appearances. But, don’t let any of this distract from the fact that the show definitely has some messed up stuff in store. And maybe, not everyone who’s here in this cast photo flip will be around in the next one…