Crystal Ro
August 24, 2016 1:49 pm

Part of the Stranger Things obsession stems from the killer music on this cult-hit show. Sure, we’ve talked about all the awesome ’80s nods in the visuals of the show – not least including the beautiful title sequence – but COME ON the soundtrack is like something out of a John Carpenter film…

And we love it!


The eerily awesome original music for Stranger Things was created by Austin, TX based band SURVIVE. And because the music gods are good to us, they recently released TWO new songs in anticipation of their brand new album, “RR7349.”

Here’s the first track, entitled, “A.H.B.”

These synthesized twangs should sound PRETTY FAMILIAR to anyone who’s as obsessed with Stranger Things as we are.

And here’s the second song, entitled, “Wardenclyffe.”

You’ll instantly feel transported to the Upside Down.

The band is actually embarking on a tour to support this new album (and presumably they’re new found fame with Stranger Things) starting next month.

So be sure to checkout their Facebook page to see if your city is one of their stops!

And while we eagerly await the arrival of the official Stranger Things soundtrack (supposedly it’s coming soon), there is a Spotify playlist to tide you over until then.

So, we’re good…for now.