4th Annual unite4:humanity Gala - Arrivals
Credit: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

As you may know, Cara Delevingne currently holds many titles — actress, model, author, and member of Taylor Swift’s notorious #squad…to name a few. And it seems we can now add “master of martial arts” to Delevingne’s list. Well, sort of.

Delevingne recently posted a slow-motion Instagram video of herself in a boxing ring. Her opponent? A wooden board. In the video, we see Delevingne throwing a mean right hook, breaking the board right down the middle with her bare hands — effectively proving there really isn’t anything she can’t do. No wonder she made a stuntman bleed while shooting her last film, Valerian — she’s 100% badass!

In the video’s caption, she thanks Martial Smarts, a Toronto-based organization that aims to use the principles of martial arts to improve the mental health and overall wellness of women, children, and the elderly. According to the group’s Facebook page,

This partnership seems like a perfect match. Delevingne has always been incredibly vocal about the rights and empowerment of women, and we’d love to see her continue to work with organizations like this one.