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We can’t be the only ones who still low-key obsess over Stephenie Meyer’s The Twilight Saga.

We can often be found marathoning the movies – the first one is still the best one, right? – re-reading the books for the, like, 282819th time, reading Twilight fan-fiction, looking longingly at our Edward posters (tbh, #TeamEdward), writing in our Twilight branded diaries with our Twilight branded stationary, and imagining what might have happened to Bella and Edward after the events of Breaking Dawn. We ain’t sorry ’bout it, we’re Twihards for life.

Being slight (okay major) Twilight fans, then, it’s safe to say that we’ve read basically everything that Stephenie Meyer has ever written.

That’s why we were especially excited to learn that the author had a new book coming out for adult readers that, while not about vampires and werewolves, sounded completely brilliant.

Called The Chemist, the book is out November 8th and it sounds SO exciting.

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While it was previously reported that the book had been inspired not by Dracula but by Jason Bourne (!), more details about the book have been shared and it sounds like proper edge-of-your-seat stuff.

Basically, the book focuses on a woman who works for a clandestine government agency so secret that it doesn’t even have a name. However, the organization doesn’t trust her and view her as a liability.

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What’s more, Stephenie Meyer is set to be interviewed about the book by one of our fave YA authors and we can’t handle it!

Announcing the news on her website, Meyer revealed that she’d be sitting down with Rainbow Rowell to talk about the book and basically all our literary dreams are coming true.

The event will take place in Arizona on November 18th at the Mesa Arts Center and will be hosted by the Changing Hands Bookstore. If you can’t make it to Arizona, however, you’ll be able to watch the whole thing LIVE on Facebook! Meyer will also be answering questions from fans in the audience and online, too.

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Stephenie Meyer isn’t the first author to make the jump from young adult fiction to more mature pastures. In fact, Queen of Everything J.K. Rowling also embarked on an adult fiction journey after completing the Harry Potter books.

Tbh, we can’t WAIT until The Chemist comes out. It sounds super exciting, and anything where there’s a badass female spy kicking butt is okay with us.