Kenya Foy
September 08, 2016 7:07 am
Stephen Chernin/Getty Images

Imagine the emotions you experience when you take that first sip of your fave Starbucks drink (oh hai, Caramel Cocoa Cluster Frapuccino) then multiply it by a 1,000 and you’ll have the amount of feels elicited by Upstanders, the company’s 11-part documentary series.

Although the idea behind Starbucks’ film project has nothing to do with how obsessed we are with its drinks (still a fab idea, BTW), Upstanders is equally endearing in that it highlights the stories of 10 everyday people who are making an extraordinary impact on the greater good of society. For example, the first documentary visits an impoverished town in Michigan whose residents raised enough money to award all of the high school graduates free college tuition.


Um, yeah…we’re totally shedding real tears.

But the feel-good fest doesn’t stop there. Among the series’ 10 subjects are a former NFL player who has given wounded veterans a renewed sense of community through personal training and a college student who created an app to help reduce food waste.

So, what prompted Starbucks to embark upon such a unique positivity campaign?

And what inspirational stories they are. Take a look at Upstanders below: