The hilarious inspiration behind this iconic ‘Star Wars’ character

When it comes to beloved green puppets, Yoda and Kermit the Frog rank pretty high on the list. In fact, they might actually be the entire list, depending on how much time you spend ranking green puppets. But if you’ve ever wondered if there’s a connection between Kermit and Yoda, well, you were actually onto something.

In From Puppets to Pixels, a documentary included on the Star Wars: Episode II DVD, animator Rob Coleman and George Lucas work on getting just the right movements for the traditionally slow and plodding Yoda’s action sequence. Lucas mentions he wants Yoda to move more like a frog before dropping this at about 33 minutes in:

“We’re going to blend Kermit the Frog with Miss Piggy. This is actually the illegitimate child of Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy.”

Alright, so he was probably joking. Probably.

But wait, there’s more!

As it turns out, the Muppets and Yoda have some serious connections, as the Huffington Post notes. Jim Henson helped design Yoda, and Frank Oz, who voiced him, also voiced Miss Piggy.

Sure, there are some age discrepancies, considering that Yoda ages while his maybe-definitely parents don’t. But we’re pretty sure that can be explained easily by the wise frog-pig hybrid himself. We just hope he’s taking his parents’ breakup well.

(Images via Lucasfilm/The Jim Henson Company)


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