Is seems like construction on Disney World’s Star Wars Land is chugging right along in Orlando, Florida. The new expansion at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is set to to open sometime in 2019, which TBH, is too far away. At least we’ve got a few new construction pictures to hold us over for a while.

While Star Wars Land at Disneyland shows lots of great progress — and AT-ATs! — Star Wars Land at Disney World has…dirt. And, construction trucks. Also, unidentifiable buildings. We have total faith and trust in the Disney Imagineers behind Star Wars Land, so we know that eventually this land is going to look phenomenal. But right now…it looks like a flat Tatooine — and not the good part of Tatooine with the Tosche Station.

Twitter user bioreconstruct has been sharing some amazing aerial views of the construction area. While much of this area was at one point trees (and parking lots) a few attractions were closed down to make way for the Millennium Falcon. Those areas — like, the Streets of America and Lights, Motors, Action! — have since been demolished, and are now beautiful piles of dirt.

Since we, unfortunately, don’t know the layout of this new Land yet, it’s hard to figure out what’s what. But at least we know that one day, this will all be STAR WARS.

It appears that there are at least *two* show buildings for indoor attractions, and this lines up with everything Disney has already told us about the new land.

But still, not AT-ATs. 😕 Hopefully…soon? At least something’s making great strides in the area, in the form of Toy Story Land. Sitting next to Star Wars, this area is totally dedicated to Andy’s toy box. The track for the Slinky Dog Coaster is now in place, and we want to ride it right now.

Ah yes, we will be watching this land’s progress with great interest.