Jen Juneau
September 04, 2015 2:08 pm

If you’ve ever written fanfiction about getting your caramel macchiatos from a superhero (and let’s be real, who hasn’t?), you’re in luck: You can claim your story was based on real events and no one can call you a liar, because The Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield used to work at Starbucks!

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel yesterday where he sat down to discuss his new thriller 99 Homes, a long-haired Garfield talked about things like his birthplace, the importance of using conditioner, and his experience starting out in the acting profession. After Kimmel asked him what he did for money before making it as an actor, Garfield said he worked at a Starbucks in the Golders Green area of London. He went on to say that coffee houses were a very American concept to him at the time, and he had a romanticized image of what the experience would be like.

“I thought, ‘Well, that’s the John Hughes movie I’ve been waiting to live within,’” Garfield recalled of what went through his mind when the Starbucks opened. “‘Multiple girls reading literature with black-rimmed glasses, and I’m gonna be the barista that woos them all and wins them all over.’” Oh, Andrew. It’s nice to know that other people, even cute Hollywood actors, could have ’80s teen movies dancing around their heads at any given moment.

And then, like us, he came back to reality when he finished the adorable anecdote with, “Or they realize after a period of months that, in fact, the skinny guy is the guy to go with.” He also claimed he was great at writing names on cups and didn’t really have issues with spelling since he “went to school.” Andrew, we’d let you Sharpie our correctly spelled names on our latte cups anytime! Though I’m gonna go ahead and tell you I’m Jen with one N, because my heart wouldn’t be able to handle it if you used two.

Check out the entire interview clip below.

(Image via YouTube)