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We want to talk about these Spice Girls rumors. It’s hard for us to stay calm and rational when the Spice Girls are involved, but we’re going to try. At least so we can all talk through the details of these rumors together. We’ll begin at the beginning.

Last week, Mel B. stopped by the Today Show to talk about her role on America’s Got Talent. But Today Show co-host, Tamron Hall, brought up the Spice Girls (naturally). Hall is a girl after her own heart, and we love her for casually mentioning that she’s a huge fan. This prompted Mel B. to reminisce a little about touring with Victoria Beckham, Mel C., Emma Bunton, and Geri Halliwell, and saying (here’s where the bomb drops, so listen up): “hopefully we’ll gather the troops around, and get to do something next year.”

Stop right now. WHAT?? The Spice Girls, back together again, celebrating 20 years of Girl Power?! Could the tour gods be so good? If Scary Spice has it her way, it sounds like something amazing will happen.

But before you dig those giant platform shoes out of your closet, Mel B. also mentioned that these tour plans are HER grand Spice Girls idea, but she, “[doesn’t] know about anybody else’s.” Sigh.

The girls are still close and remain friends, and friendship never ends. Aside from busy schedules, there’s nothing stopping them from turning the regular world into Spice World again.

Both Sporty Spice and Baby Spice have recently commented about the possibility of a reunion, in a tongue and cheek way.

Bunton mentioned on her radio show (Baby Spice has a radio show, you guys) that, “nothing’s happening at the moment,” but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen later on down the road. That said, she also made sure to retweet out confirmation that she didn’t DENY that the tour was happening.

PHEW. That’s a lot of speculation. Still, this is a biggie for us Spice fans and trust us we are making a special Twitter list to follow this news.

C’mon ladies, make it happen. We’ve been ready for 20 years. We said we’d be there, and we’ll be there.

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