Image of spelling bee contestant erin howard
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Don’t get us wrong — any kid who competes in the Scripps National Spelling Bee is cool in our book. But this spelling bee contestant who types as she spells is seriously among the top 10 coolest people we know.

Erin Howard from Alabama is truly a child of the modern age. Rather than writing out letters with her finger, or even invisibly penning them on her palm, Howard uses an imaginary keyboard to help her spell.

She used her typing technique when spelling the word “apparentement” (a coalition formed between political parties during an election). Howard, in turn, nailed the spelling.


The other awesome thing about this air-typing 6th grader is that she not only brought her spelling expertise to the competition, but she also packed a lot of sass.

When there were only 11 competitors left, Howard approached the podium for what would be her last time.

And honestly, how could she know? The word she was given is one that most people don’t even know exists! Howard unfortunately misspelled “Klydonograph” (an instrument that makes a photographic record of electric surges in power lines), and ended up in 11th place.

But hey, that’s a lot better than we could do!

Spell on, Erin! Your spell-typing skills and sharp wit will get you far in life. We know it!