Winona Dimeo-Ediger
Updated Jul 18, 2016 @ 1:43 pm
Credit: Today Show

Australian television personality Sonia Kruger recently made some majorly Islamophobic comments on the country’s version of the Today show. Her tirade was nothing new (in fact they sound a looooot like a certain presidential candidate’s immigration platform), but here they are:

Sigh. Not cool, Sonia. These kinds of comments usually either start a Twitter firestorm or fade into the cacophony of similar ignorant statements that are made every day. But one columnist for the Sydney Morning Herald was not content to sit by and let Sonia’s statements fade away.

Andrew P. Street took it upon himself to not just call Sonia out, but to APOLOGIZE on her behalf, as a fellow white person. And his rant is truly amazing.

Andrew brought up the fact that whenever a member of a minority group makes a statement as inflammatory as the one Sonia made, people (white people, to be exact) call upon “community leaders” of that group to condemn it, as if the remarks somehow represent the entire community. Andrew pointed out that according to this logic, a white person really should be condemning Sonia’s comments. And he volunteered to do it:

You can read Andrew’s entire statement of apology here, in all its biting, sarcastic glory. Thanks, Andrew, for saying something that really needed to be said, in a way that made us laugh — and think.