Gina Vaynshteyn
May 11, 2016 10:33 am
Getty Images/Karwai Tang

There is something weird going on in this photo. Taken at an X-Men: Apocalypse fan screening on Monday, the image shows Oscar Isaac (to the left), and James McAvoy (to the right) posed as though they are about to cup Jennifer Lawrence’s breasts. J.Law looks either bemused or chill with the whole thing (I mean, I sincerely doubt those guys are actually reaching out to grab her boobs), and has both hands resting on their shoulders. What. Is. Happening.

Getty Images/Karwai Tang

Since I’m baffled as to why Isaac and McAvoy’s hands are precariously hovering right below Lawrence’s chest, let’s discuss some BETTER things these actors could have been doing with them. Such as…

1. High-fiving Jennifer Lawrence.

Yay Jennifer Lawrence! You killed it as Mystique yet again! You spoke up about the gender pay gap, and wrote a brutally honest Lenny Letter essay about it. You are awesome!

2. Bringing J.Law a burger and some fries.




Lawrence is notorious for discussing how hangry she is at red carpet events. She just wants some food. Bring her some food, guys.

3. Finding Lawrence’s cell phone so she can call up Amy Schumer.


Amy Schumer (aka, J.Law’s BFF) didn’t seem to be at this London event, and like, why not? I bet Lawrence could have used the support, and she generally seems happier and more comfortable with her pal Schumer around.

4. Set up a Twitter account for her.

Or at least an Instagram? Girl has NO social media presence whatsoever, and honestly I would love nothing more than to have J.Law’s Twitter handle pop up in my feed, slaying me with her thoughts on not getting laid, snacks, and that one time she made out with Liam Hemsworth because CAN I LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH YOU, J.LAW?

5. Supporting her when she almost TRIPPED (again).

The very least Isaac and McAvoy could have done with their awkward limbs was give a girl a HAND when she’s falling down. Which, apparently she did on Monday because she got all tangled up in her long gown, and lady we FEEL THAT.