Lilian Min
November 06, 2016 10:11 am
@solangeknowles /

When Solange first released the visuals for her songs “Cranes in the Sky” and “Don’t Touch My Hair,” fans were ecstatic. This would surely mean a new tour, based on her new album A Seat at the Table, with a whole new set of visuals… Right? Alas, it doesn’t seem that Solo is going on tour anytime soon. But we got a taste of what her live show would look like on last night’s Saturday Night Live.

Solange took the stage for the first time ever! in two scintillating outfits, once for “Cranes” and again for “Don’t Touch My Hair.”

And well, how can we even describe what was going on here?

For “Cranes,” Solange put on a medieval snowflake halo and a gorgeous teardrop crystal net dress. (The latter looks like something out of the Prada 2010 season, which I only know because I’m actually obsessed with that collection.) (But per an eerily-timed PR email, it’s actually custom Erickson Beamon.) She literally looks like a winter-themed superheroine powering up, an impression helped along by the fact that none other than Dr. Strange — er, Benedict Cumberbatch  — introduced her.

Not content to just slay one song’s performance, Solange took on another vibe for her “Don’t Touch My Hair” performance. Trading the slick makeup and glittery crystals for a super sharp power pant and bralette look…

…Solange gave us vocals and the “I don’t give a fuuuck” dancing straight out of the song’s original video. (Also, hi Sampha!)

Afterward, the jubilant singer got a welcome surprise, in the form of mom and big sis:

Playing the SNL stage is a big deal for any musician, and Solange even set the bar for herself by referencing the iconic Kate Bush earlier this week.

We think she knocked it out of the park, and then some. Now, back to looping A Seat at the Table.