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We all love Solange, and we all love Pokémon Go. And now this artist just combined these two things we love in a totally killer sketch that’ll have you gripping your heart and throwing her your money. Seriously, it’s that good.

It all started when Solange posted about Pokémon.

“I wanna be the only Pokemon u try and find…”

When White found out that Solange has a soft spot for all things Pokémon, she did what most of us would do (if we only had the skill and creativity), and turned Solange into a Gym leader.

And the result is totally stunning.

“.@solangeknowles mentioned Pokemon on her Instagram so my hand slipped and made her a gym leader. Battle me.”


Solange approved, obviously making White’s day, because, well, she’s Solange. false

We, of course, became immediately obsessed with White’s work. White (known on the web as raveyrai) is rad AF. She created cfgb tips, a webcomic for “black girls that wanna be carefree because they got the black part down” (HOW GOOD IS THAT?!) and is a multi-talented artist, content creator, and model.

What White is doing is actually *so* important. The world of comics has been called out for being exclusive and totally lacking when it comes to diversity, accessibility, and equal representation. So seeing a creator focused on uplifting and giving voice to black girls and women is just seriously cool.

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White’s radness combined with all that is Solange makes this beautiful art more than just art. It’s a testament to the magic that happens when black women are able to collaborate and freely create.

If you’re all about it, you can support cfgb tips, (and get AMAZING perks while you’re at it), shop White’s store, and even buy super trendy clothes with White’s designs. Though her commissions are currently overloaded, she’ll be opening back up at the end of the month, so stay tuned if you, too, want to be turned into a Gym leader just like Solange.