Stephanie Hallett
Updated February 02, 2017 7:24 am

You might feel like the world is going to hell in a hand basket at the moment, but one thing that will surely help us in these uncertain times is an army of little Beyoncés. Luckily, the singer announced yesterday that she’s pregnant with twins (OMG! Yes, Bey!) and her sister, Solange, celebrated the pregnancy news in the best possible way.

In a short-and-sweet post on her Instagram Story, Solange acknowledged the impending arrival of Beyoncé and Jay Z’s twin miracles by re-sharing her sister’s epically baroque pregnancy announcement photo with the words “proud auntie” laid over it. The placement of the text is key, clearly referencing the two babies on the way. Take a look!


She had to, of course, add a baby bottle, a rainbow, other fripperies, and a crown on her sister’s head — because what would a social media pregnancy announcement be without stickers?

On her Instagram feed today, Solange continued the celebration by posting another one of Bey’s pregnancy photos — this time a romantic underwater shot — with only a bouquet of flowers emoji in the caption. Sister love — there’s nothing like it, amirite?

Queen Bey announced her pregnancy on Instagram yesterday, immediately setting the internet ablaze and racking up the most likes ever on an Instagram post — 8.4 million (and counting!) to be exact.

Previously, a sponsored photo of Selena Gomez sipping a bottle of Coca-Cola held the record, with 6.3 million likes.

On — the website version of heaven, in case you’ve never checked it out — Beyoncé posted a whole series of pregnancy photos, including more from her gorgeous floral shoot and others taken in a pool. She also shared intimate photos of her mother and grandmother, as well as snaps from throughout her life with Jay Z.

We can’t wait to meet you, sweet Carter babies!