Emily Gagne
Updated April 24, 2015 5:59 am

Mkayyyy (and A!) have you heard the big news?!

Earlier this week, Nickelodeon announced they have the rights to a near-full house of Mary-Kate and Ashley properties. We’re talking most of the best straight-to-VHS movies ever made, as well as the You’re Invited (You’re invited! You’re invited!) series, The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley (mysterious MK & A!), Mary-Kate & Ashley in Action! (animated MK & A!), and — wait for it, former members of that MK & A mail-in fan club! — So Little Time.

So while you might have to wait forever for MK or A to appear on Fuller House, (they’re as of now uncommitted to the upcoming Netflix show) starting April 27 you’ll be able to re-watch our second fave (Full House fo’ life) MK & A show, So Little Time on Nick. And in case you’ve forgotten, So Little Time still totally rules and there’s plenty of proof.

It’s more grown-up than their other TV stuff

We all love Full House and Two of a Kind as much as MK & A love ampersands. But the girls were slightly younger on those shows, meaning their drama was mainly family-oriented. In So Little Time, there’s plenty of relatable real-life drama. One minute it’s all about boy dramz for Riley and Chloe Carlson (see: every single time their pal Larry saw Riley). The next it’s about coping with losing a loved one (RIP that elderly lady Riley “adopted”).

Oh, and don’t forget about the whole recurring their-parents-are-divorced-but-still-love-each-other plotline. Or the time they tried to dress up like bad girls!

It’s also still super silly

Case in point: that time they had a wicked dance party in their PJs and then went to town on some chocolate sauce. Or even just the plot of the first episode: Chloe tries to “train” Travis, her cute next-door neighbor.

We first spot the origins of their killer style

Listen, MK & A had some stellar looks throughout their movie career. It’s why you and I spent plenty of time looking through the racks of crop tops they sold via their now-forgotten Walmart fashion line. But this era of MK & A fashions, also seen in the ever-winning films Winning London and Holiday in the Sun, is primo in its trendy simplicity. So many chokers, so little crimping. (JK! So much crimping, obviously.)

The side characters are equally rad

You know you can’t forget Tedi, the model who hangs around Riley and Chloe’s beach house because she works with their clothing designer parents (coolest TV parents ever?). Oh, and of course there’s Manuelo, their housekeeper who coined the perfect sassy reaction to everything: “I DON’T HATE IT!”

The guest stars are early ’00s perfection

Hands up if you’re still getting over that time Drake Bell plays himself on the show. And raise ’em high if you are just remembering that MK & A’s wannabe Holiday in the Sun boyfriends Billy Aaron Brown and Ben Easter play Riley and Chloe’s love interests as well.

The theme song is actually timeless

“You’re not making plans for tomorrowwwww” because you already have plans. And those plans are listening to this song on repeat. Cause “what if tomorrow never comes,” and then you never get to hear it play over the tasteful black and white opening credits again?!

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