All of the sexual misconduct allegations coming to light have definitely added quite a few names to Santa’s naughty list. And leave it to the cast of Saturday Night Live to make some truthful, yet cringeworthy jokes about it. SNL’s Santa cold open sketch tackled a lot of those questions. And with the help of some pretty intelligent children, we may finally have the answers.

Along with a mega blocks dinosaur and laser tag, a young boy in the sketch also wanted an answer to a very important question. “What did Al Franken do?” Of course, Keenan Thompson’s mall Santa Claus put the former senator on his naughty list. But there were a couple more additions that Santa needed to make.

Questions about Roy Moore’s sexual misconduct allegations (along with President Trump’s) from the children seemed to put good ol’ St. Nick in a tough position. When asked about Trump, specifically, Thomspon said, “Our president may have done a few naughty things.” To which McKinnon replied “19 accusers. Google it.” However, Santa’s answers weren’t enough for the children to let the issues go.

One young girl’s persistence in finding out why the politicians weren’t reprimanded for their “naughty behavior” almost resulted in her name being added to Santa’s “naughty list.” “Careful Jessica,” Thompson’s Santa warned the inquisitive pre-teen. “Or you might just get some coal in your stocking.” But Jessica has clearly been paying attention to the news. Because she gave the greatest response ever.

SNL’s Santa cold open skit hints at what Trump can expect in his stocking this holiday.

Kids sure do say the darnedest things.

But you have to admit… there’s definitely a lot of truth in what the children were spilling out.

Hilarious, and oh so real. Out of all the presents, SNL is definitely the one that keeps on giving.