Sammy Nickalls
March 09, 2015 9:29 am

We didn’t even realize how much we needed the ability to respond to normal texts with a Stefon emoji . . . until now.

Back in February, the SNL40 app was released to commemorate Saturday Night Live‘s 40-year anniversary. The app is pretty much the best thing ever, since it provides over 5,500 clips and content from 800 glorious episodes. Plus, it adds new clips after every new episode, so you can catch up on what you missed. The app even tailors sketch selection to your preferences, by asking you which era of SNL you’re most interested in, and if you are more into comedy sketches or music videos (or, um, both!).

With SO much amazingness packed into one app, can you cut us a break that we only really acknowledged the emoji situation this morning? We were so caught up in this video deep dive that only now have we resurfaced from reliving the glory that was Gilda Radner to have a look around the rest of the app. And what have we found? This brilliant keyboard of SNL emojis. Truly the gift that keeps on giving.

NBC kindly provided this gif to explain how to access the keyboard once you’ve downloaded the app (which is FREE BTW . . . nearly too good to be true), and how to insert the emojis:

After these simple steps, you have access to the most fabulous emojis of all time. We downloaded the app and screenshotted all of the emojis you will available at your disposal. Trust us, they’re pretty perfect.

First, there are two pages of “people”, including our beloved Stefon, Surprise Party Sue, and Matt Foley (RIP, Chris Farley <3).

Also Mary Katherine Gallagher:

As wonderful as these SNL characters are, they’re not all that makes SNL iconic. That’s why SNL also included a “things” page: How could we live without a “dick in a box” emoji?

Last (but certainly not least), we’ve got a couple classic phrases to use in our day-to-day texting convos:

We know, we know: it’s exciting. But simmah down, nah.