Credit: Twitter/Jesse McLaren

Okay, so given the fact that it’s almost the greatest/most terrifying holiday of the year — AKA Halloween — spooky things are starting to happen. And naturally, David Pumpkins now appears in your favorite horror classics thanks to Buzzfeed’s Jesse McLaren!!!

So, you’re probably well-acquainted with SNL‘s David S. Pumpkins because he’s our Halloween costume inspiration this year, and also because our favorite Tom Hanks embodies him in a hauntingly perfect manner. Now this mash-up is a true social media WIN, because there’s nothing like seeing this crazy face pop up in horror movies we know and love, like The Shining and Scream.

Are you ready to experience this wild ride?

Whaaaaaat did we just watch?! Okay, this comment from a Twitter user says it all:

Credit: Twitter/Charlie Wells

Damn, some serious effort went into this! It’s not just a quick re-edit. You didn’t know you needed this, but we’re going to go ahead and assume it made your day complete.

David S. Pumpkins…you are the master of Halloween!

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As our heads hit the pillow tonight, we’re going to be trying not to picture the zany face of this dude as he wanders the halls of that giant hotel from The Shining (slash will actually be actively rewatching it on our phones).

Happy Friday everyone!