Rachel Paige
February 11, 2015 10:21 am

Out of all the Harry Potter characters, Severus Snape makes us cry the least, right? Well, until you start talking about his “Always” conversation with Dumbledore, in which he confesses that he’s grown to care for Harry because, after all this time, he still deeply loves Lily Potter. Just typing that out maybe made me sniffle a little bit. I said, maybe!

If you’re really looking to give your waterworks a workout today, how about a collection of Snape scenes from the Harry Potter movies? And not just random snippets from the eight different movies, but snippets from the movies in chronological order. Yeah, that’s right, all the way back to little Snape and little Lily first becoming friends, and heading off to Hogwarts as 11 year olds.

While Snape is a huge character throughout all of the books — and movies, of course — his motivations don’t make sense until the very end of the HP saga. That’s when all of his disdain towards Harry finally make sense, and you realize he’s done just about everything out of love for Harry’s mom, Lily. Ugh, more tears.

Check out this super cut of the best Snape moments from beginning to end — including the fact that his namesake lives on. Better grab that box of Kleenex from your bathroom first. You’ll need it.

Image via here.