Jill Layton
Updated May 02, 2016 @ 5:11 pm
Credit: Shutterstock

It was only a matter of time, before Snapchat started integrating ecommerce ads — and that time is right now. Snapchat just became shoppable, potentially changing your Snapchat experience majorly (if you’re into shopping, that is). The company has been testing interactive ads for the past few months, and they’ve apparently been getting great results, because Snapchat is now open for ecommerce.

Target and Lancome are the first brands to run shoppable ads through Cosmopolitan‘s Discover channel, Adweek reports. Just like the ads that already exist on the Discover channel, the new interactive ads appear between Cosmo‘s article and video content. Each ad offers a 10-second call-to-action that instructs viewers how to “swipe up” for more. You know, just in case Snapchatters haven’t caught up with the swiping game.

Lancome’s ads will allow viewers to stay on Snapchat while shopping, while Target’s ads will take people directly to the featured product on Target’s mobile site.

It’s been a pretty big couple of weeks for Snapchat, and not just because of the new shoppable ads. On Thursday, the app announced that over 10 billion videos are being watched daily, and 60 percent of users are actually creating content every day. Considering there are a little over seven billion humans on Earth, that’s a lot of videos being watched.

Another cool thing for Snapchat and the people who love it (and the Olympics) — the company made a deal with NBC to broadcast clips from the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.

Even though ads might be a little annoying to the users who prefer to Snap in peace, Snapchat is doing some pretty big things. And big things are always exciting.