Kenya Foy
Updated Aug 08, 2016 @ 1:20 pm
frank ocean
Credit: Andrew Chin/Getty Images

Due to the fact that he has yet to bless us with his Boys Don’t Cry album, the Frank Ocean frenzy continues. Call us gluttons for punishment, guys, but we’re still excitedly anticipating Ocean’s yet-to-be-released music. Apparently, the folks over at Snapchat aren’t quite ready to give up on Ocean either because the app recently added these Frank Ocean Snapchat filters. false

Not surprisingly, the filters are an accurate representation of the dark depths of collective anxiety Ocean fans have been feeling since beginning the countdown to his supposed album release date.

One filter is a nod to Ocean’s Tumblr notes that reads “Dear Frank Ocean…” The other features the image of a cobwebbed skeleton against a black backdrop with the caption, “Waiting for Frank Ocean’s new music like…”


If we had to write this person’s tombstone inscription, it would probably read, “Here lies an individual who may or may not have died while waiting on Ocean to drop this album.” #noshadebutshade

Maybe, just maybe, Snapchat thought these filters would coax Ocean out of his hiding place. We know, we know — we can already sense the onslaught of deep sighs and harsh eye rolls. Using these filters probably won’t serve as an permanent distraction from our intense Frank Ocean fever, but we can’t blame Snapchat for trying.