patrick stewart magic

Sir Patrick Stewart is a man of many talents. Along with being an actor of the stage and the screen, he has also proven himself to be quite the budding comedian, an incredible BFF, and an all-around delight of a human being. But of all the many things that Sir Patrick is so very good at, it’s safe to say that magic is perhaps the most unexpected.

On Tuesday, Stewart stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden — and the pair put on one heck of a magic show together. Aptly titled “Cosmagification,” the performance included all your classic illusory fare: From pyrotechnics to dramatic arm-waving to flowers and silk scarves being pulled out of a hat. Stewart and Corden chose to end the show by sawing an audience member in half — but we won’t spoil how that goes.

From the beginning, it’s ridiculously silly and a ton of fun. The whole thing is very Gob in Arrested Development, and it’s making our week. Both Sir Patrick and Corden look absolutely delightful in shiny jackets and ruffled shirts, and magic has never had more gravitas than when Sir Patrick Stewart is announcing the tricks at hand. The performance is absolutely glorious. Here’s hoping the two get a Vegas residency soon; but for now, this video will have to do.

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