Here’s what happens when someone sings “Kiss the Girl” to you and your S.O.

Nobody sets the mood quite like Sebastian. I’m talking about the sassy, talking crab from The Little Mermaid, of course. I mean, just his deep voice is a catalyst to true romance. Exhibit A: that time he crooned “Kiss the Girl” to Ariel and Prince Eric. The song would have worked, too, if it weren’t for that whole boat capsizing thing.

In a similar spirit, The Little Mermen, a Disney rock cover band, decided to try their hand with the song and set out to spark some romance in New York City’s Washington Square Park. They donned some mermaid-inspired getup and walked around, serenading couples with the tune. It’s like The Little Mermaid meets the Kiss Cam, and everybody wins.

How did people react? The results range from romantic kisses to forehead kisses to straight rejection. But everyone had one thing in common: a brief moment of panic, followed by nervous, awkward laughter.

Everyone was a good sport—how can you not be when you’re being serenaded by a girl wearing an Ariel wig and a guy with a crab pincer hat and a ukulele? There was a melodica involved, you guys.

Watch below to see how many guys actually kissed the girl!

Featured image via Disney

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