The hero might be the one who saves the day, but in the best movies their ever-present sidekick is there to steal our hearts and, quite honestly, the show. Whether the sidekick supplies moral support, comic relief or a friendly competitor, they can add SO much to a story and they deserve some love!

I’m not talking about fan appreciation love, I’m talking real true love. While the hero might get the girl/boy, sidekicks spend movies working really, really hard and they deserve their happy ending, too. Thankfully, some of our very fave flicks appreciate the need for a good sidekick romance, and have made our hearts go pitter patter with the film’s leading lady and man nowhere in site. We’ve rounded up a few ace sidekick couples who we just love to love.

Dionne and Murray, Clueless

Dionne and Murray may have an extremely up and down relationship (“excuse me, Miss Dionne.”) but there’s a whole lot of love there, strange freak outs and all. As Cher tries to figure out what love means to her, she looks to her neon-clad best friends to help figure it all out.

Marie and Jess, When Harry Met Sally

While Harry and Sally spend 12 years trying to figure out their relationship, Jess and Marie figure it out in one night. Marie is Sally’s best friend, and Jess is Harry’s. So, obviously they try an epic set up. But rather than Harry winding up with Marie and Sally winding up with Jess, Jess and Marie skip out in a cab together, and suddenly find themselves fielding all the drama between Harry and Sally. BTW I personally think that wagon weel table is awesome.

Queen Clarisse and Joe, The Princess Diaries

It’s quite a love story between the Queen of Genovia and the head of her security, Joe. Their relationship is so cute and simple, I might wish for that more than the plethora of Princess Mia’s suitors. Every time the two of them dance my heart melts and in the second movie, it’s Queen Clarisse who proposes to Joe! Finally, Queen Clarisse has her true love by her side forever (and not just protecting her from harms way).

Janis and Damien, Mean Girls

There might be something there that wasn’t there before with Janis and Damien. They spend all of Mean Girls playing Cady’s wisecracking outcast best friends, but at the homecoming dance they share one quick stolen glance. They then kiss and immediately declare, “no,” but come on, you know the two of them are platonically living happily together somewhere. They’re basically soul mates.

Mike Wazowski and Celia, Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc. is all about the big guy, Sulley, but little one-eyed Mike, has got his fair share of escapades, too. Mike’s also got his own monster-squeeze, Celia, who also has one eye and strange one-eyed hair sort of like Medusa. Mike is super sweet to his gal, taking her out for fancy dinners, singing to her, accidentally involving her in a huge conspiracy in the monster world . . . the usual lovey-dovey stuff.

Goose and Carole, Top Gun

Meg Ryan, who plays Carole, has very little screen time, but she does have one of the most iconic lines of the movie (probably right up there with the “need for speed”). Carole is head-over-heels in love with Goose, and he the same with her. Which only makes things 15 times sadder when the movie ends. Gooooose!

Prince Edward and Nancy, Enchanted

Enchanted is a great movie, and James Marsden plays a perfect singing prince. He’s still very much stuck in his storybook ways, and all he’s looking for is love, which he thinks he can have with Giselle. But, she’s not so sure about that. Come on, Giselle. So, after Giselle makes her decision and chooses Robert (aka, McDreamy), Prince Edward finds his happy ending with Nancy. Who doesn’t love a happy ending for everyone?

Ron and Hermione, Harry Potter

Oh dear, I feel bad insinuating that Ron and Hermione were simply sidekicks for Harry’s great adventure through the wizarding world. The trio was a solid group that stood together through thick and thin, yes, but only one person got to do all the fun messy scary wizard stuff (Harry, who lived through it all). Ron, playing the ever-doting best friend, and Hermione, playing the straight shooter for the boys wild antics, were eventually going to fall in love. We could all see it. And it was awesome watching it slowly happen over the course of seven movies on the screen.

Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Potato Head, Toy Story

Mr. Potato Head is one of the unsung heroes of the Toy Story saga, and at the end of Toy Story, a Mrs. Potato head is brought into the picture, and he promptly shaves. Mrs. Potato Head is nothing but a firecracker. She really cares about her guy, and over packs him for his adventure in the real world, but we totally get it. I aspire to be an old married couple like Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.

Doc Brown and Clara, Back to the Future: Part III

Marty McFly has Doc Brown with him all through his time traveling adventure, but by the third movie — the one set in the Old West, naturally — Doc finds his perfect counterpart in Clara. She’s a school teacher who loves Jules Verne just as much as he does, so clearly she’s a perfect fit for the rest of his adventures through time — and they name their kids Jules and Verne, obviously.

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